Vina Trang Cuisine (authentic pho & Vietnamese coffee) is a new restaurant in San Antonio Village. Luckily, a new healthy nook in this part of Makati!

It's a very simple restaurant. In fact, it's just a duplex turned into a haven for Vietnamese food lovers. 

Meals come with a free artichoke tea. I think that's how true artichoke iced teas should taste and look like but I like Bon Banhmi's version more. 

vina trang vietnamese cuisine vegetables
As you get older, this should be veggie-good
vina trang vietnamese cuisine artichoke iced tea

Tried the ff in Vina Trang:
  • House Special Pho at Php 235. 
vina trang vietnamese cuisine house special
So... can't differentiate
  • Well done Flank Brisket at Php 185.
vina trang vietnamese cuisine well done flank brisket
When served, it's hard to differentiate the House Special from the Flank brisket. But when tasted, both are good. It's aromatic and flavorful. Best of all, the psychological feeling that something good and healthy go inside my body. Their pho is good. 
  • Roasted Pork banmhi at Php 99 (medium).
vina trang vietnamese cuisine roasted pork banhmi
Also, it's spicy

In terms of the bon banhmi Vietnamese sandwich, Bon Banhmi along Mayapis St. is still the best! 

Overall, it's a nice break from all those unhealthy lunches. Now, Satinka Naturals has a rival in this niche (tho this is way cheaper).

Menu here:

vina trang vietnamese cuisine menu 1vina trang vietnamese cuisine menu 2

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Rating: 3.5

Vina Trang is located at:

8839 Sampaloc Corner Estrella Street, 
San Antonio Village, 
Makati City
Lolay's Bahay Bulalo is the new competitor of Mr. Sizzler's along Estrella St., in San 
Antonio Village. It's a good welcome for the lunch scene here but most importantly, because sometimes Mr. Sizzler's service is just too slow and a new choice is needed.  

I've had many lunches here from their soft opening until now in their normal operations with lots of lunch and dinner patrons. 

Here are some of what I've tried at Lolay's:
  • Bangus ala Pobre at Php 99. Not so much a fan of this. I didn't like how the bangus went with the sauce. 
lolays bahay bulalo bangus ala pobre
A healthy choice if only sans the sauce
  • Salisbury Steak at Php 99. A tad better. Of course, must be the meat. 
lolays bahay bulalo salisbury steak
Of course, hamburger is a comfort food :0
  • T-Bone Steak at Php 159. Value for money lunch! The t-bone is big and not too salty plus the sauce is nice! I bet the sauce here is different from their other choices. Great. 
lolays bahay bulalo t bone steak
Affordable steak!
  • Pork Liempo at Php 99. I like the combination of the liempo and their mushroom sauce. 
lolays bahay bulalo pork liempo
Thumbs up for the serving size
  • Crispy Chicken at Php 99. I don't like this one. Just chicken breast strips and at Php 99, that's not that much worth. There are 1.4 chicken (inasal or fried) out there that's better off. 

What makes me come back at Lolay's is their free bulalo soup! I need not order a bowl of it because I get to taste it already. And it's super delicious. 

Menu here:

Soft Opening:
lolays bahay bulalo soft opening menu
DISREGARD: just a documentation of their soft opening menu

Regular/ New Menu:

lolays bahay bulalo new menu
So they increased a bit....

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Rating: 3.5

Lolay's Bahay Bulalo is located at:

8076 Estrella Street,
San Antonio Village
Makati City
I've been in the quirky yet cozy Coffee 8065 hole-in-the-wall several times. It's a favorite hang-out place: the ambiance isn't pretentious, the price is great and the food is to go-back for.

Coffee 8065 quirky table
Quirky table
Coffee 8065 bookshelves
Get a book or cards while waiting
That's exactly how I feel for their Grilled Sausage Tomato Pasta at Php 120. I always come back for it. It's their only red sauce among the sea of white and I feel so calorie-happy every time it's my lunch or dinner. I always come back for it. I always order it. Only once did I deviate from my favorite order and though my panini choice was good, I find the pasta better. Plus, serving is large. It can even be shared by two petite stomachs.

Coffee 8065 grilled sausage tomato pasta
I just caaaaaan't resist you :'(
So why do I love it? For one, it has a generous serving of halved tomatoes and sausages. Another is their yummy sauce. It's pure tomato goodness that's bordering on hot. And, freshly served, every time! It also comes with a grilled bread. Writing about it makes my mouth water :)

Once I've tried their Strawberry Frappe at Php 100 served in a large glass. It's sulit  but just too sweet for my liking. Their green tea at Php 40 is refillable and they also have unli coffee! Though I've never tried the unli coffee part :P 

Coffee 8065 strawberry frappe
For a happy-happy-joy-joy mood
They also offer cakes but those aren't their own. Despite that, they were wise in choosing a good supplier :) For someone who has been in the area for long, it wouldn't be hard to guess where they got their cakes. I suggest ordering Campfire Cake at Php 120.

Coffee 8065 cakes
Campfire cake isn't in the photo. But these are some of what I've tried.
By the way, it's a sisco of 8065 Bagnet and owned by Kitchie Nadal. She's in this shop sometimes. Some Fridays, there are gigs perfect to unwind the week that once.

Coffee 8065 music gig
Enjoyed this particular stint! They're good!
As per service, it can sometimes be a bit slow. Though as regular patron, I understand it as I'm always sure my pasta would always come out newly cooked. 

While waiting, they have cards on their bookshelves or their PSP can be rented at Php 100 per hour or Php 50. 

<a href="" title="View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about Coffee 8065, San Antonio and other Restaurants in Metro Manila" target="_blank"><img alt="Coffee 8065 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato" src="" style="border:none;width:104px;height:15px;padding:0px;" /></a> 
Rating: 4.5

Coffee 8065 is located at:

7700-A St. Paul Street, 
San Antonio Village
Makati City
Aside from the cold weather all year round in the City of Pines, Baguio, it has also become a gastronomic destination. From a "nevermind Baguio" as a travel destination near Metro Manila, people have been trooping in, again, and partly to happily blame is the indie-movie That Thing Called Tadhana. This movie is a gem for its tourism, because aside from re-introducing the city to food-lovers in Filipino, it has also taught the same to appreciate art BenCab Museum. (In fact, when I went there to check the piece of art the movie lavishly gave attention to, found out that it was sold weeks after the movie was shown. Great!)

bencab museum baguio facade1
Foggy day at BenCab Museum!
BenCab Museum has a lot of similarities from Tagaytay's Museo Orlina (an amazing exhibit of glass sculptures. 
  • Both of the museums are located in a cold and densely populated weekend warrior get-away. 
  • Both have three (3) floors and the architecture is almost the same (glass sculptor Ramon Orlina is an architect, by the way). 
  • They both have a garden to enjoy. In BenCab, it's huge garden is against the cold backdrop of the mountain. For Museo Orlina, its garden/ amphitheater enjoys the skies of Taal Volcano (but inside the floors, Taal Volcano is pretty much constant).
  • Art and coffee go by well. So they have their own brand of coffee shop. Cafe Sabel for BenCab; Green Coffee for MuseoOrlina.
  • Same rate at Php 100. Altho BenCab increased, I just don't know now for MuseoOrlina.
  • And they are the best of pals. In fact, in Museo Orlina, there's a 1974 Beetle painted by BenCab named "Sabel". 
  • Any more similarities that I missed? Send us a comment :)
Here's a photo-roll of my BenCab museum. I really enjoyed staying there and appreciating BenCab's some-funny, some-erotica, some witty pieces of art. Of course, I wouldn't be posting too much. To see, in person, is to believe.

bencab museum baguio tickets
Lucky to have visited prior to the price increase
bencab museum baguio museum bulol
Bulol as the welcoming party-- tho he's just one
bencab museum baguio museum guide
Be sure to get this so as not to get lost and confused :)
bencab museum baguio featured collection
Featured collection during our visit
bencab museum baguio art piece 4
Emoticon then, emoji now
bencab museum baguio art piece 1
No matter how you view it... now matter what color
bencab museum baguio art piece 2
The most photographed... because of its #hugot lines
bencab museum baguio art piece 3
bencab museum baguio erotica gallery
The favorite of everyone, prolly
bencab museum baguio bulol installation
My personal favorite <3
bencab museum baguio viewing terrace
A breath of fresh air...
bencab museum baguio 1
Conducive for musings
bencab museum baguio ramon orlina cordillera
Maybe glass sculptor Ramon Orlina donated this because it's called "Cordillera"
At the Fram & Garden:

bencab museum baguio farm and garden1
Bird's eye-view of the farm and garden

bencab museum baguio 2
Told you, it's conducive...
bencab museum baguio 3
So again...
bencab museum baguio farm and garden2
Lush life!

2015 Rates: 
Regular- Php 100 (updated: Php 120)
Student- Php 80 (updated: Php 100)

Museum Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (last entry at 5:30 pm). 
Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

  • Ask for a Museum Guide copy
  • Tours can be arranged at the lobby
  • For more information, read from BenCab's Website

BenCab Museum is located at:

Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan,
Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
Tel /Fax: (+63 74) 442 7165
Every Filipino millennial probably knows That Thing Called Tadhana. It's an indie-movie gone blockbuster accounting where broken hearts go. The movie was set in Baguio and Sagada. Instantly, Baguio (again) became a hit destination. And when we say Baguio, it includes the activities and restaurants the characters went to.

Cafe by the Ruins is just one of those luckily featured. A trip to the Summer Capital of the Philippines wouldn't be complete without enjoying one of the travails of the characters. 

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio exterior
This is it <3
Their Chuntug branch is like an artist's garden. Al fresco dining, the Filipino-themed and homey ambiance of Cafe by the Ruins is so relaxing. Ruminating all day with a cup of tea could be inviting, too. Except that, it's a waste only to try a portion of their well-loved menu.

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio interior
cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio interior wall art
Local art here and there
Since it was lunch time, ordered their Beef Stroganoff at Php 240. It has beef sirloin strips in cream and mustard sauce over buttered noodles. 

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio beef stroganoff
Play of colors and flavor
The presentation is simple but it's nice to look at due to the play of colors. The visual appeal of the pasta carried over to the taste-buds. It's very rich. The garlic chips added a new dimension to the flavor. 

Paired it with a Watermelon Fresh Fruit Shake at Php 120. It was so refreshing! It wasn't hot as it's Baguio but the watermelon shake was just the best. No pesky seeds; just real watermelon goodness. 

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio fresh shake
I wish I have an unlimited supply of this
Overall, especially for their rice meals, it's a bit pricey but you get what you paid for. 

Must-visit, I daresay. 

Menu of Cafe by the Ruins here:

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio menu 1

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio menu coffee

cafe by the ruins chuntug baguio menu pasta sandwiches

Cafe by the Ruins has a branch in:

25 Chuntug Rd,
2600 Benguet
No fuss. No frills. 

That's Good Taste Restaurant in Baguio City that can be seen not just from the name itself but from also its foodcourt-like ambiance. 

The place can be packed at times (even the take-out counter). But their area at Cariño St., is large. As a first-timer and hearing a lot of good reviews from the place, I had to take chances.

Inside, regular diners and celebrators abound. And it's not surprising because food prices are affordable. Rice meals at less than Php 100 and viands for sharing starts at Php 100+.

good taste restaurant baguio city interiors
Hello from the other side :)
Since Baguio is known for their freshest vegetables, ordered Beef Chopseuy at Php 135. Serving is good for sharing. I enjoyed the veggies so much!

good taste restaurant baguio city chopseuy
Always a joy to be eating fresh :)
Again, since it's Baguio and it's cold outside, gotta have some soup! Birds Nest Soup (good for 3) is at Php 110. The waiters willingly served each in a single bowl. Good to note that there are several minced vegetables--like carrots, onion leeks-- improving the taste of the soup.

good taste restaurant baguio city birds nest soup
Lastly, since (no not because of Baguio) it's Good Taste's bestseller, tried their Garlic Buttered Chicken at Php 165 (half). It was surprisingly orange. I expected a lot from it but it just didn't pull off. It was way too sweet for my liking and I cannot grasp its buttery or garlicky flavor. 

good taste restaurant baguio city buttered chicken
Why are they orange, again?
Topped it all off with a Calamansi Juice at Php 23. Wooh!

good taste restaurant baguio city calamansi juice
Choose healthy. Choose calamansi.
On the positive side is that it's really cheap here given the bustling food scene in Baguio . You can invite a group of friends and never run broke. But taste-wise, not the best.

Complete menu here:

good taste restaurant baguio city menu 1

good taste restaurant baguio city menu 2

Good Taste Restaurant has a branch in:

Cariño St.,
Baguio City