We all know that Chili's is a good Tex-Mex restaurant around, and I second the motion! Here are some from their menu I've tried that's worth a thumbs up:

1.) Big Mouth Burger Bites- Php 445. Perfect for a group of four. Mini burgers with crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and a ranch dressing. The best thing about it: onion rings and fries are served with it!

The burgers are tasty and I love the beef itself.

chili's big mouth burger bites
Go, help yourself
2.) Cilantro Pesto Pasta-Chicken- Php 440.00. Not spicy! Penne pasta, as seen, with yummy sauce, pico de gallo and chicken. Good for two!

Penne's usually need a super tasty sauce as it's thicker and bigger. In Chili's, they made a perfection!

chili's cilantro pesto
Penne goodness
What's nice about Chili's too is their proactive staff. A good place to just enjoy and chill :)

P.S. Hope to make this list longer :)

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Rating: 4.5

Chili's has a branch in:
I love burgers! It's one of those foods that I really find comforting. Not to say that it's everywhere it's comforting to find, too.

Sometimes, it pops up everywhere that when hunger strikes thinking twice is not an option.

I don't know how long has Big City been in SM Mall of Asia that when I saw it, "let's eat there!" Inside is just a small but comfy place to eat. Maybe it was called "Big City" because it has a penchant for the tallest buildings in big cities as its decor on the wals. Also King Kong, conquering the Empire State Building, on the other side.

big city sm moa
Yes, that's King Kong on top of Empire State Building
big city sausages burgers wings
Sausages, Burgers and Wings
Among the choices Big City offers, I chose the middle: Burger! And here's what I had: Cheeseburger at Php 165 served with fries and drinks.

big city sausages burgers wings
My Cheeseburger!
The burger is relatively bigger and it's flame-grilled. Not bad at all! (Although I don't like tasting burnt meat) And not too expensive as well. Worth a try! ;)

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Rating: 3

Big City is located at:

G/F Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia, Bay Boulevard
Pasay City

One of those ice cream craves of several years ago making a come back with Magnum Cafe Manila! Oh, I said "the hassle of." Why? First, SM Aura's parking for first-timers is hard to decipher. Second, the line is just too long to bear!

But then "the power"! Who would ever say 'no' to a magnum made more royal and personal for thyself? So then succumb for one hundred pesos.

magnum cafe sm aura
The famous logo

The line's pretty simple.

Step 1: Pay the bucks.

Step 2: Choose three flavors among the vast choices. Picked chopped pistachios, white choco crunch balls and crushed brownie.

magnum cafe sm aura
What would you choose?
Step 3: Choose ice cream flavor: vanilla or chocolate. What doesn't go well with Vanilla?

Step 4: Choose a dip. At that time dark chocolate, chocolate and white chocolate were available. Chose the middle.

magnum cafe dips
It gets harder, right? :)
Step 5: After dipping the ice cream bar and putting it with my choice of toppings, choice of drizzle followed! Chose white chocolate.

Step 6: And for the finale, a chocolate magnum emblem!

magnum cafe step by step
So here's my very own Magnum:

magnum cafe food review
Hello, there!
Although this pop-up store is only on a 12-month run, hope to find the time to eat the the cafe-real soon!

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Rating: 4

Magnum Cafe Manila is located at:

5/F SM Aura Premiere,
Sky Park, McKinley H-way
McKinley Hill, Taguig
Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District, an experience to eat in a banana leaf is possible! Where else but in Banana Leaf, along foodies' haven: Greenbelt 3.

Not only does the name elicit a native fee, but also the interiors of Banana Leaf. Not Filipino, but yes Asian. The interiors mostly made of wood with an interesting play of the lights. Though it's quite a bit dark inside, so forgive my underexposed shots.

banana leaf greenbelt makati
Since 2001 :)
banana leaf greenbelt food review
Tried the following in Banana Leaf, but before anything else, let me prove the name:

banana leaf rice on banana leaf
They serve rice in banana leaf ;)
1. Thai Vermicelli Salad- Php 168- I honestly don't know how to make of this. I tastes weird to me, plus the vermicelli. Although I like tomatoes, too, I got afraid to mix it with the other ingredients in fear that it'll worsen. So I don't personally recommend this one. 

banana leaf thai vermicelli salad
Not for me, friends
2. Stir Fried Chinese Kangkong with Sambal Sauce- Php 198- I don't know what Sambal sauce was. All I know is that I enjoyed eating this dish. Though I really am a fan of vegetables. My boss though, thinks it's too salty. 

banana leaf stir fried kangkong
Kangkong lover here
We also tried two kinds of curry here: Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes (Php 238), not in the picture. But I like better this:

3. Malayan Beef Curry with Potatoes- Php 288- I like the milky and light flavor of this one. A twist to the regular curry I'm used to. 

banana leaf malayan beef curry
Right there
4. Barbecue Roasted Baby Back Ribs- Php 388- This was what I enjoyed most. Baby Back Ribs! It's has a sweet taste and I love it. It's saucy too and tender.

banana leaf barbecue roasted baby back ribs
Hi baby!
My Banana Leaf experience was average, so was the service.

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Rating: 3

Banana Leaf has a branch in:

2/F Greenbelt 3, 
Ayala Center,
Makati City