Cebu EXTREME Adventure

An adventure in Cebu wouldn't be EXTREME without Crown Regency Cebu's Skywalk Adventure. At Php 1,000 package price, we enjoyed three thrilling rides:
  • Skywalk
  • Edge Coaster
  • Urban Zipline
Photography is not allowed while up in the sky so we bought separate package for this. It's a must for a city adventure such as this!

SKYWALK- it might look like an ordinary walk in the park, but no-no. It still requires a great deal of strength! I don't even have the courage to peek on the edge. I was able to peek only in areas where the flooring's clear. Thirty-six stories? With only the harness and the flooring keeping us afloat? Whoah!

Aside from the 'walk', another plus was also the 360-degree view of the Queen City of the South. So breathtaking! 

The guides added the fun in the walk, too. 

crown regency cebu skywalk

EDGE COASTER- just sitting pretty? Oh, no. This was scarier for me. Imagine, at the first few seconds, the coaster was titled! And it's only the lock that's keeping us. Though we had the option to tilt it in a sitting position so as not to see what's under us, the chance was too rare. Might as well enjoy the ride!

Look at my fez in the first photo, below. HAHAHA. 

crown regency cebu skywalk

crown regency cebu edge coaster review

URBAN ZIPLINE- the first of its kind. An exhilarating 8 seconds going down! Going back to Crown tower was much slower. Perfect view of the city lights.

crown regency cebu urban zipline

crown regency cebu urban zipline

 Had sooo much fun! Obviously, right?